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Documentation for all loans:


• Pay stubs for the most recent 30 days
• Information on any other income you wish to have considered, such as part-time income, rental income, etc.
• W-2's and Tax Returns for the past two years
• Name, address and phone number of landlord for the past 24 months
• Previous two months bank statements (all pages) ie...checking, savings, CD's, brokerage, mutual funds, etc.
• Most recent statements on asset bearing accounts if generated yearly or quarterly (401K, IRA, etc.)
• Copy of social security card and driver's license

If you are self employed, receive commission income, or own investment properties

• Previous two years signed tax returns with all schedules attached
• Previous two years corporate/partnership tax returns
• Year-to-date profit and loss statement (self employed only)
• Current leases on investment properties with rental income

If applying for a VA Loan

• VA Certificate of Eligibility
• Form DD-214
• For in-service veterans, Statement of Service and recent Leave and Earnings Statement
• Name and address of child care provider (if applicable)

If you have been divorced

• Complete signed copy of all divorce decrees
• Proof of receipt of child support payments for the last 12 months

If you have declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years

• Copy of Petition/Decree, Schedule of Creditors, and copy of Discharge

If you are relocating with company benefits

• Copy of company's relocation policy
• Letter from employer stating effective date of transfer and new income
• Copy of entire relocation buyout offer (if applicable)

Additional items if you are refinancing:

• Copy of your survey
• Hud-1 Settlement Statement from purchase of the home
• Most recent mortgage statement on your primary loan (and 2nd lien if applicable)